The Godfather of Hip-Hop

Amu has always been known as the Godfather of Hip-Hop.  Having been silent for 7 years, he is back with his brand new album ‘The Principle‘ and rocking hip-hop socks right off South African audiences.

Trend Frenzy caught up with him about his recent nomination at the SAMA’s.

1) Congratulations on your SAMA nomination, how do you feel about being recognised by your peers in the industry?

It always feels good. I’m surprised that I made the pick despite the fact that my last album was eight years ago.

 2) You are one of the longest standing hip-hop artists in SA, and you are still being nominated.  How do you feel about that?

It really is an honor. I’m happy that the industry chose to recognize real rap music.

3) Tell us about the new album and how you have grown musically in the past.

The new album is a double cd titled “The Principal”. I’ve grown in terms of the production. I didn’t really change the sound that my fans are accustomed to, I just improved on it and tried to keep it more current, without losing that real Hip Hop feel.

4) You have been a producer for many years and haven’t been doing much recording of your own – why the silence for so long?’

I really started enjoying producing after doing it all by myself on my debut album. I’m really weary of the fame aspect of the music industry, it’s really easy to get caught up in the hype and loose yourself in it. I prefer being in the background.

5) What are your plans for your career in the next few years?

I would really love to move into other things like film. I’m busy teaching myself to edit, shoot and score film. I will never stop producing music, but as far as recording goes, this might be my last solo album, I’m done, it not fun anymore. Lol.

6) Who have you most enjoyed performing with over the years?

Public Enemy…Kanye West

7) What’s in your iPod at the moment?

Everything, really…everything, from the “Grease” soundtrack to Jimmi Hendrix to N.W.A. I even have the Annie musical soundtrack.

8 ) What influences your style and your lyrics?

My surroundings, I only reflect what I know directly, I never fantasize, never.

9) If you win the SAMA, how will you be celebrating?

I’ll be chilling at home with my wife drinking vodka.


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