SAMA’s come and gone…

I am certain everyone, on all forms of social media, heard about this weekends SAMA’s

I was there, experiencing all that first hand and it was well “different” I tell you. I will not go on and on about what has already been written, it was not amazing as I expected and hope the powers that be learnt from this and up their game tenfold next year.

Here are two really great links for honest reviews from two people who experienced it all first hand too. My friend El Broide from OnTheRadio’s blog here and the awesome Gabi Ndebele‘s “GabiVille”  review on the drama here as well as a wonderful piece covering the happenings on the yellow carpet here

One thing I have to mention though, BIG UP to Caroline Hillary and the RedFlag team. Throughout the night they were doing their best to ensure everyone was seen too, to the best of their abilities.

With all that out-of-the-way, there were highlights for me on both nights! Some of my favourite artists won in their respective categories. Also being part of the (LIVE)5 show presented by 5FM‘s Catherine Grenfell. The likes of Tumi + The Volume, Kinky Robot, Versus the Wolf, Crazy White Boy & Zebra and Giraffe all performed live.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were a few of my favourite wins on the night:

  • Best Alternative Music Album: English – Yoav for  A Foolproof Escape Plan
  • Best Global Dance Album – GoldfishGet Busy Living
  • Check out their latest video for We Come Together below

  • Best-selling DVD  for Live Design and Music Video of the Year for The Stars Fall Down went to The Parlotones
  • Best Rock Album English went to Prime Circle for Jekyll & Hyde and
  • Locnville  took Best Selling Album & Newcomer of the year with  their album Sun in my Pocket.

Their new album Running to Midnight will be release 1st July. Here is a little teaser:

One of my favourite moments was Die Antwoord‘s live performance of Enter the Ninja, they had Yo-Landi Vi$$er suspended in the air as the song started.

Also added was the Johannesburg orchestra accompanying them.

Really awesome I must say!!

Also the performance by one of my all time favourite bands Zebra and Giraffe was really fantastic, a new take on their track End of the Road.

Despite all the drama, I am very happy that some of my favourite artists won in this years awards.

A complete list of winners from friday night can be found here and the big night winners here

Until next year’s SAMA’s…


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