Tumi Lane’s Joburg City

1) Congrats on Jo’burg City – tell us about why you chose to write an album based on your city?

The composition of this album is inspired by my own life experience of Jo’burg City, born and raised in the City of Gold. I  am a proud South African and I am very proud of the city where I grew up in and was raised.

2) What do you most love about living in JHB?
It is a tough city in a good way as the challenge inspires me to be a better person. Quote from the title song: ‘Oh the lights will shine upon you when you feel weak. Ubuntu bukhona although bo qala ngawe’.
The opportunities are endless, work hard and the city will show you respect.

3) Describe your sound to someone who hasnt heard it as yet
Fresh sounds from the modern day.
R&B/hip-hop with an African element to it which is unique to the sounds of other artists. My life has been punctuated with music, the melodic township gospel choirs of my primary years through the discipline of Operatic drama in my mid-teens and the freedom of hip-hop and beatbox in my rebellious and most informative years to the place where I belong now –
a place of soul / R&B.

4) You were nominated for a SAMA for your last record, how do you see this one being received?
I have given it my all. I hope for the best but leave it to the Almighty.

5) How have you grown as an artist since then?
I feel that I have matured both musically and personally. I took this time to develop myself musically as an artist; songwriter (composer) and producer and I am happy with the result.
I can now produce, compose, and write whereas before I was only an artist (sing).

6) What do you personally listen to when chilling at home?
I love music and listen to little bit of all genres: Hip-Hop; R&B; House (Professor is my favourite at the moment); Golden Oldies; Rock and Gospel.

7) Who inspires you to write songs and what artists would you most like to perform with?
Artist from all genres of music. The likes of R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and in terms
of gospel, Kirk Franklin.
A performance with any great and outstanding artist would be a privilege.

8 ) What was it like being part of the Jazzworx stable and producing this record with them?
Always great. It is a hard-working team producing great work.

9) What is your favourite track n the album and why?
Lol… No specific track really, I love all the tracks!

10) I see that apart from R&B and Hip-hop and pop, you also have some gospel in your album. Tell
us about the diversity and what kind of singer you would really like to be?
No doubt that I am most comfortable as an R&B artist. However I have experience of genres and that is what influenced me not only in music but most of my daily life.
I grew up in church and this is where it all started for me, gospel choirs in my primary years followed by Operatic drama in my mid-teens followed by hip-hop and beatbox through to R&B.

I love GOD and I am a proud Christian. The very last song on this album is a reflection of my faith as a “Christian”, a dedication to our creator for blessing, providing and taking care of me from my first day on earth up to where I am at this very moment of my life journey. I believe that if it wasn’t for my faith in GOD, I wouldn’t be the Man that I am today and wouldn’t have achieved much.

11) How do you stay in such good shape?
I believe a healthy body accommodates a healthy mind! I stay in shape by exercising, I go to gym and enjoy running. I eat healthy, I believe it is a key element in feeling good and staying in shape, a good balance in your diet is key.

12) What do you do to relax when you are not working?
I exercise and spend time with family and friends.


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