The latest offering from Zebra and Giraffe

Last week saw the launch of my favourite live music show on TV, Studio1 from its new monthly home OpenRoom Productions. Once a month fans will get to experience the TV show in a live recording studio which is super awesome!

The best part of the first production of Studio1 Sessions, as this show will be known as, was that one of my favourite SA bands Zebra and Giraffe was the headline act.

(behind the scenes interview with Studio1’s Elma)

They opened up their hit track End of the Road, and also played their 4th track to be released on radio Bleed Me Out. This track off their second album The Inside is arguably my favourite track off the album. From the very first time I listened to the album this track was my absolute favourite. Then again the whole album itself is a favourite for me.

Have a listen to the track below, and be sure to vote for this song on the local music station charts!

My favourite part of this song has to to be the part below, there is just so much power in Greg’s voice, the guitar riffs and Darren’s drumming…makes me go insane i think!!

"You've got it all, 
You've it all so why take me
You wanted more
You wanted more than I could be
We’ve hit the wall
Still trying to wake you lazy eyes
But this is war
I won’t fall without a fight"

I cannot wait to see these guys on stage, again. Follow them on twitter here or their fan page on Facebook for their whereabouts.

Also be sure to check the Studio1 fan page or their twitter feed to see when next they will be hosting another great live band for Studio1 Sessions.


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