Zebra & Giraffe want to ‘Undo These Lies’

The very talented Zebra and Giraffe have done a little 360 on this blogger.

They have chosen a new track to be released as their next single on the airwaves. In keeping with the dark, and twisty theme as some have described this album, this is one of the more very laid back tracks. I for sure enjoy the fact that they are able to be so diverse, and this album is a testament thereof.

This track will definitely have an appeal with the fans as it allows one to sing along like mad!

Have a listen here:

My favourite verse:

“I won’t stop dreaming
Of the years we spent
The things we did
And what they meant”

The guys will be embarking on a tour with another of my favourite local bands, Taxi Violence,  who have also released a new album unplugged album called “A Long Way From Home

Taxi Violence Tour with Zebra & Giraffe

The full tour itinerary can be found here.

Be sure to check out both Taxi Violence and Zebra and Giraffe for a look a great South African musicians.

They will definitely blow your mind.

See you in the crowd….


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