Giving our 67 minutes

Yesterday a few friends and I joined the Cheesekids for Humanity, Old Mutual and 5FM team to give our 67 minutes to charity.

And what a day.

People came out in the thousands, yes thousands to support this initiative. Families, friends, loved ones, young and old  from all walks of life were there! We joined the queue and completed our registration. We were handed out tee shirts showing our support and jumped on a bus. Our group was shuttled to one of many places needing help. The Kliptown Youth Village in Johannesburg South was our destination. Despite our bus driver getting a little lost we arrived.

The village offers children living in the are a haven during the day and after school. Offering them access to a full library and even internet access on these rad little durable computers! Our team was second to arrive at the site, and we picked up where the first group had left off. After a briefing, hands were in the drums of paint immediately! Part of the group had taken some of the kids into the library and sat reading too and with them. The rest of the group headed off to tackle the classrooms  and before you knew it a new coat of paint gave this little sanctuary for kids a new look and feel.

Without realising, our 67 minutes was up and another group had arrived. As a THANK YOU the youngster from the youth village did a dance to thank you to everyone who had come out to help.

Once we headed back to Innesfree Park a free concert with the likes of Goodluck, the Muffinz, Zebra & Girrafe, Khuli Chana, AKA, Tidal Wave, HHP & Sipho Hotsticks was on the go.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to capture:

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Cannot describe the feeling of being able to help these kids. I cannot thank my friend Carla enough for reminding me to take part. To the people behind the scenes at the Cheesekids organisation, 5FM and Old Mutual THANK YOU for allowing us to help out! Will definitely be part of all your future endeavours!!


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