MK MVP Winners

Following the success of the 2010 debut of MK’s MVP (Music Video Project) the music channel decided to up the ante for this year’s project by commissioning 12 South African artists (compared to last year’s 10 artists) to each produce a music video.

To be eligible to enter, each artist had to team up with a South African production company and submit an original track, a concept and treatment for a video, as well as their proposed budget. Elements such as the choice of song, band/artist positioning, visual treatment of the proposed video and how well the concept complemented the MK brand and the appeal for its viewers, were all looked at by an MK judging panel when choosing the winners.


 The winners for MK MVP 2011 are:


  • ·         Ashtray Electric, Bittersweet Manipulator to be produced by Motion City Films
  • ·         Chocolate Stix, Schizo to be produced by Mannequin Pictures
  • ·         Dance You’re On Fire, Oh Love to be produced by The Now Museum
  • ·         Double Adapter, Eat You Alive to be produced by Mustard Post Productions
  • ·         Duimpie Se Maat, Moonshine to be produced by Tankfilms
  • ·         Goodluck, Harlem to be produced by Dirty Soul Productions
  • ·         Isochronous, Destiny to be produced by Silver Lining Pictures
  • ·         Krimineel, Gebed van ‘n Reeksmoorde to be produced by The Film Factory
  • ·         Lark, Brave (Haezer Remix) to be produced by Tevi Baitz and Topher Henny
  • ·         Moses Metro Man, Samoerai to be produced by DoktrineGeontwerp
  • ·         Mr. Cat & The Jackal, Try to be produced by Cape Town Film Studio’s
  • ·         The Frown, The National to be produced by Magic Factory

When choosing the winners, MK set out looking for diversity in genres while staying within the main genres that are current and appealing to the MK target market – with a strong inclination towards rock, alternative, indie, electro and dance. This year also saw something unique in terms of the winners: 5 of the winning artists are female. And while this was not a deciding factor when judging the entrants, it is something important for MK and their direction as a channel, as they have  recognised a need for more female artists on the channel and in the industry overall.

 Stephan Potgieter, Content Executive for MK, is thrilled to see how well the Music Video Project has been received so far and is eager to see what the 2011 winning artists come up with. “MK has always been a very proud supporter of South African music, and the channel saw it was necessary to offer not only financial aid to artists, but also guidance, assistance and involvement by professionals in their respective industries – in this instance, the production field.

I personally think this is a great choice of artists. I have been fortunate enough to see almost all the acts on stage at one point. Very much looking forward to see the end results.


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