Oppikoppi 2012, you SWEET\THING

Finding the time to write this has not been too difficult.

Finding the words however, that has been the hardest part, in my opinion. Wanting to sit and write about it all would take a day, easily, then again I do not want to bore you.. BUT you also do not want to say too little?

Any rate, I can definitely say that I had an incredible time on “The Koppi”

The Oppikoppi team did an incredible job this year. Yes, there were a few hiccups that one can dwell on, but that’s not the point.

Out of the approximate 65+ acts that I watched, passed by, listened too, these are a few moments that have stuck with me:

The Southern Gypsy Queen and Friends 10 year anniversary performance, it was incredible to see the Wilson trio share a stage with so many talented friends to celebrate their time in the industry. Here’s to another 10 guys!! X

Taxi Violence had an incredible show, even with Bingo stripping.. o_O

Shotgun Tori with a full band on stage, here is too many more shows, darling!

 Bombay Show Pig really enjoyed their set, not sure if I would have put eh duo on such a big stage though. The old Main stage would have been better, in my opinion.

Jeremy Loops totally owned ‘Wesley’s Dome’ during his performance. I had only seen him once before, with the talented Mo on stage, and then already they had me sold!

I watched the aKing performance from the Jose Cuervo deck, and looking down seeing a wave of folks from the front of the stage to behind the sound stage onto the hill just blew my mind. Sound issues aside, they were great!

Babylon Circus, they were incredibly entertaining to watch. Do not think they realised the support they had this side of Africa.

Desmond and The Tutus always always entertaining performance by Shane and the guys. Loved Doug’s solo dance moves. Check out my pics.

Fokofpolisiekar when you look back from the photo pit at the front of the stage, and you can’t see the where the people end. you are definitely doing something right! I am certain there were easily 12 000 people, give or take 4 or 5, at this performance!!

Dance,You’re On Fire, The Graeme Watkins Project, Newtown Knife Gang and the Kongos were all brilliant on their respective stages!

Eagles of Death Metal, Enter Shikari, Bullet For My Valentine all were really great on stage. Do not think they even realised how much support & fans they had here! That guitar rendition of  the SA National Anthem by Michael from BFMV was just incredible. Do not think they expected to hear that many folks singing along!!

Seether were just awesome to see on stage after so long.

There were many more musical highlights, but right now these are the ones that come to mind…

Despite all the music, seeing friends from near & far is what really made this SWEET\THING as phenomenal as it was. There is way too many of you too mention individually, just know, it was YOU that made it as awesome as it was.

Thank You also to Jose Cuervo, Brands Rock and Ray Ban SA for their hospitality. You and your teams on the ground are just remarkable!!

and ONE last THANK YOU to everyone at Oppikoppi and Hilltop Live and the Kreef Hotel for the sun, fun, love & music!!

After all these words I am tired. It somehow seems like a little rant? Sorry about that.. I should have kept it short, like I tweeted Nash & Craig:

@Craig_Stack @bangersandnash i came, twas dusty, i saw, twas dusty, music, twas dusty, i drank, twas dusty, i survived, twas still dusty?

Well, since you read till the end, here are some photos. I hope you like.. 😀

OppiKoppi Sweet\Thing photos

**PSA - There are like 350 odd days till the next Oppikoppi, best you start saving your $$ and preparing your liver & lungs.**

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