MK MVP 2012 Top 12 have been announced

With the success of MK MVP 2011, the anticipation of MVP 2012 announcement had tons of folks on edge.

Which band’s idea will be chosen? What concept have the production companies gone with? Has your favourite song been selected?

Said Stephan Potgieter, MK’s Content Executive, MK has seen some great work in terms of music video concepts and productions over the last year, which shows that production companies and artists are devoted to creating and delivering work of a high standard that both they, and their fans (locally and abroad), can appreciate. Stephan is excited to see how this year’s MVP will fare against the quality and concepts of music videos that came out of MK MVP 2011. “It’s definitely improved over the years. We are now perhaps at a point where some of our South African videos can compete on an international stage, and I think this has to do with the passion for the product between all stakeholders. I’m really looking forward to what our top 12 for 2012 are going to bring to the table, and I think MK viewers and the artist’s fans will be impressed with what they put out for the MK MVP 2012”.

Here is the list of the 12 artists who’ll each get a music video commissioned by MK as part of the MK MVP 2012, are:

  • ·         aKINGJezebel to be produced by Supra Familias
  • ·         Bicycle Thief, Goodbye Ian Curtis to be produced by Motion City Films
  • ·         Die SkynmaagdeDie Kommunis Sokkie to be produced by Sound Surgeons CC
  • ·         Die Tuin Dwergies, Blou Gras to be produced by VPH Films
  • ·         GazelleVal Van Die Ryk to be produced by 187 Pictures
  • ·         Jack ParowAfrikaans is Dood to be produced by Little Big Productions
  • ·         JakkalsRumTrifle to be produced by Crave Pictures
  • ·         P.H. FatBusiness Business Crash to be produced by CAB
  • ·         ShortstrawWaterworks to be produced by Mustard Post Production
  • ·         SpoegwolfSomersetwes to be produced by The Suits
  • ·         The PlasticsBest Pretenders to be produced by Little Big Productions
  • ·         Van Coke KartelBuitenkant to be produced by Groundglass

MK’s social media feeds will provide live updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, so be sure to check out:


Twitter:         @mktv_ #MKMVP(the official Twitter hashtag for the MK MVP.)



We certainly cannot wait to see the final product later this year!

A HUGE congratulations to all the bands and the respective production companies!!



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