Let’s enter the Savannah…

Last week saw the introduction of the first of five episodes featuring our  beautiful Africa here.


AFRICAEpisode 2: Savannah

Last week we introduced you to the exciting new series of #AfricaBBC.  For those of you that missed out, the #AfricaBBC series is taking us on an epic five part journey through Africa’s natural history, exploring the contrasting beauty of the Kalahari, the Savannah, Congo, The Great Cape, and culminates in an exploration of the Sahara.

The first episode was mind-blowing, showcasing the beautiful Namib Desert dunes, black rhinos and rare Kalahari leopards.  My biggest surprise came from the armoured ground crickets – with their secret combat skills of squirting its own blood through its joints. Phenomenal.

Episode 2 showcases the vastness that the Savannah has to offer – from the tops of the snow-capped peaks to the bottom of the steamy swamps – with all that lies between.  You may have read about the agama lizards that use their stealth to steal flies from the faces of lions – however #AfricaBBC lets you experience the true courage of these lizards as never seen before.  We also witness the dramatic and emotional journey of a herd of elephants as they battle to survive the harsh conditions of their surroundings.



Reminder, you can still enter the incredible Getaway Magazine competition, those who enter can not only see Africa for all its beauty and power – but also get a chance to experience it for themselves.

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