We Are One Colour Festival – Jhb – FULL LINE UP UPDATE

This Saturday sees the We Are One Colour Festival finally hit the City Of Gold!


In my opinion this has to be one of the most anticipated events to not only hit Jhb but SA on the whole!

The hype around the event has been incredible and the fact that more than a month in advance they sold out tickets to the event itself adds testament to this statement, I believe!

For those who do not know, the event inspired by the original Holi Festival in India, the day is a huge fun-filled celebration of music and dancing, and has no religious aspects connected to it, but shares the same values in bringing people together in love and peace. The festival concept has quickly gained popularity worldwide with colour festivals springing up in Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Hannover, the USA and Singapore.


With a full line-up of some incredible acts, this Saturday is sure to be quite a party!!

Have a look here who will be entertaining us all day in-between powder hour:

11h00 - 12h00	Sadhu Sensi
12h00 - 13h00	DJ Babaganoush
13h00 - 14h00	Michael Lesar
14h05 - 15h00	DJ Danger Ingozi
15h00 - 16h00	DJ MIGHTY
16h05 - 17h00	Toby 2 Shoes
17h00 - 18h00	Richard The Third
18h05 - 19h05	GOODLUCK
19h05 - 20h00	Kid Fonque

With this being the first festival of its kind being held in SA, it is of course a learning experience for the We Are Seed team.

I had a chat with Brian Little, MD of Seed Experiences, regarding the event itself and had him answer a few questions that I had seen been asked online after they launched in CT.

  • Why the decision to host the festival here in SA
Colour festivals have become very popular all over the world including the global We Are One brand which launched very successfully in Germany and is launching in many countries worldwide this year. Images and videos of the festivals went viral all over the internet, and the concept proved to be very popular amongst South Africans so the decision to bring the festival here was a very easy one. 
  • Why the decision to host the two shows a month apart?
Weather is a factor – We looked at the best times for weather in each city. We also wanted to use content generated by the Cape Town event to drive the Joburg event, which it clearly has.
  • How many tickets have been sold in total for Jhb?
Our total capacity, including crew, comps, media and tickets sold, adds up to 15 000 people.
  • With regards to the Cape Town show, there were a few complaints about having to queue for longer periods just to access the event, with more than 3 weeks prep for Jhb; is there a plan to ensure this does not happen again?
Yes, we have tripled the number of entry points for the JHB event. We also encourage festival-goers to arrive early at the event and we have a comprehensive parking plan.
  • That leads me to my next question; will there be adequate parking and signage at the event, as Jhb is a park vs. city centre in CT where people could walk?
There will be sufficient parking available, however we do recommend arriving early and preferably 3 or 4 to a car or even better, catching a cab, which is the responsible choice if people are drinking. (Carpool vibes yo – Ed)
  • In my opinion this event would be described as a success, considering ticket sales, will there definitely be another We Are One on the cards? Possibly include another city or two?
WE ARE ONE was a great success in Cape Town and we anticipate nothing less for Joburg. Our plan is to throw more of these events in the future, potentially in other parts of the country. 

The We Are Seed team are definitely on the ball when it comes to this event, I am certain it will be an incredible success.

A huge thank you to the We Are One team and Mike from One-Eyed Jack for taking the time to chat to me!

So, wear your white tee & shorts, ensure you protect your gear (zip lock bags, cling wrap) and most of all be sure to come out and enjoy the day out at what will be the first of many Colour Festivals!

P.S: For those who wonder, the We Are One coloured powders are safe, water soluble, completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 😀

For updates check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


**images courtesy of Stu Shapiro

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