In The City – I was there…

Last week Friday saw more than 10 000 folks all head into the Johannesburg CBD for the incredible

In The City


And what a night it turned out to be!

I want to start by saying that it saddened me reading all the feedback regarding the number security issues people experienced before, during and after the show, that said the feedback from Seed Experiences who own the In The City festival has been really great.  HIGH-5 to them and their teams!

All round the event itself proved to be an excellent improvement on last year, they had taken all the feedback provided and made sure this year everything was better. From sound, to the stage setup, the entry and exit out of the event itself and the big one, you know what I am talking about right? THE BAR(s) this was a major issue for folks last year, not only for drinkers but non-drinkers too, it took ages to get water.

This year they made sure they did not make the same mistake. They even promised my friend Meg & I when we mentioned it, that it’ll be better. And seriously it was. Seriously.

Spending most of the day at In The City, I was there as the gates opened. I saw all you Jose Cuervo #partyanimals in full force. I loved it!

When I think of the all the talented acts I saw on that stage, I somehow feel as if though I cannot put into words what I and the thousands of people was lucky enough to experience. But at the same time there is SO much I want to say that I feel I may ramble and somehow lose the plot…!

How about keeping it short, like 140 characters on Twitter, well I will try… 😛

Lil Bow – 

I am all for new talent, but sadly this DJ has a long way to go, in my opinion. Mixing was sloppy, obvious errors for those listening, maybe nerves? The crowd danced because they had no other choice. Hone and own your skill.

Al Bairre – 

These CT town guys won the coveted slot to open In The City. I loved seeing the energy their fans radiate, it seemed as though the band needed this as they started off their set on a bit of a slow boat. Eventually picking up it had me even tapping my feet and jiving a lil bit, eventually.

Δ (alt-J) –

What an opening! I do not believe this band realised the thousands of fans they have here in SA till that moment when house lights went up and there they had a sea of people displaying the band’s triangle ∆ symbol with their fingers. THey may have had me feeling like they’re not meant to be playing at an event like #VITC2013, think chilled out on the green grass of Koppi here,  but they sure as hell had an incredibly tight set! Hearing the roar of tracks like ‘Tessellate’, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Breezeblocks’ in the Jhb night is something kinda special!

The Hives – 

OH MY HAT! What an incredible performance by these Swedish rockers. From the first ‘Howzit” to the very last high-5 they gave to the lucky ones right in front of stage the energy , these mariachi band outfit wearing rock stars are just that |ROCK STARS| Pelle is an absolute charmer on stage.  They have been doign this for years, and you can see it when they take stage. They own it!

And in case you missed it, MY name appeared on the kick drum. Amazing, right? 😛



Okay, so when I found out that I will get the chance to see SKIN live on stage, I may have squealed a little bit. Yes, I know it’s justified cause well it is SKUNK ANANSIE!

She sang to ME, she told ME she loves me, in front of thousands of witnesses, it was beyond beautiful. I listened and she belted out all of my favourite songs I could hardly contain myself. I watched as Skin crowd walked, not surfed, but she literally walked across the crowd singing. There was nothing more amazing to witness!

I screamed. I shouted. I laughed. I danced. I was almost in tears. Tears of happiness. The performance by Skin, Cass, Ace & Mark put on truly made my night.  It’s been a few days since we were lucky to have them perform in our city, I am still on a high from what they done on stage here. They are that good!



Admittedly I know only a few tracks by this guy, but man oh man, he had me dancing at the end of the night! There truly is something rad about this guy that had the masses fist pumping, then again with lyrics like this..

“Red, Red, Red, Red, u
Ich u, Ich r u”

It’s to be expected!

Watching the last of his set of from the top on the M1 South, made me realise how lucky we are to have something like In The City! We gets to JAM hard to our favourites, right here in our city!


All in all In The City was just that, a night out in MY city. Filled with the best music. With the best people. And my favourite guy, Jose Cuervo!! I cannot wait for next year.

Have a look at some of the photos I manage to capture on that night here –>   Musical Mayhem In The City

Huge thank you to Seed Experiences and their sponsors to a night I will not easily forget. And even bigger thank you to the One-Eyed Jack team, especially Mike Pocock, this man makes everything possible no matter how much crap I give him 😉

I am very much looking forward to In The City 2014!


2 responses to “In The City – I was there…

  1. Did you thank every single sponsor in your article? I think you might’ve missed one or two. They might not invite you back as a result…

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