WIN Tickets to Sowing The Seeds with Paolo Nutini AND Portugal. The Man

Remember last week when I mentioned that Sowing The Seeds hits Jhb once again? No? Read below then…

Sowing The Seeds with Paolo Nutini AND Portugal. The Man


Done? Nice. Well the wonderful folks over at Seed Experiences have given me a few tickets to give away to all of you to see not only Paolo Nutini, Portugal. The Man, but also Bongeziwe Mabandla, Desmond & The Tutus, Diamond Thug, and Shortstraw!!

How? Easy. Tweet me here -> Chris Maider on Twitter or pop us a comment in the comments section below, under all of this, telling me who you are most excited to see play live at Sowing The Seeds next weekend.

See, simple!!

Winners will be contacted 17th March.


19 responses to “WIN Tickets to Sowing The Seeds with Paolo Nutini AND Portugal. The Man

  1. I am extremely excited to see Desmond and the Tutus with my best friend Jade. I mean, putting aside their intoxicating music and rhythmic sound, have you seen their stage presence??! I’ve watched their performances on Youtube and would always wish for this opportunity. This would be amazing!! 🙂

  2. Paulo Nutini sounds amaaaaazing. Soulful, heartfelt & honest pop in a singer-songwriter style with R&B bits sounds like my kind of fun! LET’S DO THIS!

  3. Man oh man I’m excited to see all the guys from shortstraw again! Not to mention all the rad dudes from Desmonds!! And of course, to top it all off, Paolo nutini!!!

  4. Portugal. The Man! Seed Experiences really surprised me with this one. I’m also really excited to see Paolo Nutini.. That guy’s voice tho. Simply amazing! So in Portugal. The Man’s own words: “Send me to the battle please sir!”. Instead of the battle please just send me to Sowing the Seeds =D

  5. **Desmond and the Tutus**
    Hoping to go with my best friend who I haven’t seen for over a year will be driving down all the way from the Eastern Cape !
    We listened to them a lot in varsity !!!
    Honestly will be a dream come true .

  6. I a most excited to see Maider at sowing the seeds cos I forgot what his face looks like!!!! No really… Tequila soon please.
    But also Paolon Nutini… That would be grand!

  7. This is a hard one! Can’t we just all be friends and be exited for such an awesoem lineup?
    But truth be told – would love to see Portugal. The Man live!
    Peace 😉

  8. I would love to see Paolo Nutini, Portugal the Man, Shortstraw and others at Sowing the Seeds, but I can’t afford the tickets. So I have no choice but to park my car outside and crack open some cheap wine and listen to them that way. And then cry. ‘Cos that’d be sad. But you can change it all by giving me some sweet tickets to see them please. Yay!

  9. Aaaaaaaaaah I am SO excited to see Paolo Nutini!!!! I love his vibe and his music and just everything about him. And obviously the local faves Shortstraw😆😆

  10. I would really love to see Paulo Nutini. My best friend got me two of his albums and I have been hooked ever since. Been playing the Caustic Love album a million times (esp. Cherry Blossom!). I know if I won these tickets he’d be absolutely delighted to come with me! And of course, there are some amazing local acts. Shortstraw never disappoints. Really hope we get to go. 🙂

  11. I’d like to see Desmond… & the tutus 🙂 @sowingtheseeds
    cos what’s a man without some ballet moves? :p #ptagirls

  12. I don’t see how people took Paolo Nutini as a downgrade from Ben Howard, he’s absolutely sensational! Seeing him live, with other favourites like Portugal. The man, would make me so happy I could shi*t rainbows!

  13. Hell I’d go just for Desmond but Portugal.The Man has got me rather excited… Like a stoner in a sweet store

  14. Like I said on Twitter (I’m the girl who tweeted you some excited pugs, a deer & two ugly cats)😉 I would absolutely freak out (in the best way) if I got those tickets to see Paolo Nutini! I’ve been such a huge fan since I heard New Shoes – it was 2006 in London, I was ten, and it was all over the radio… So that’s the song that’ll always remind me of happiness/travel/holidays/being a kid❤️:’)
    So yeah, it’s coming up to my friend’s nineteenth and she is a HUGE Portugal. The Man fan & I would love to surprise her with a ticket! It would be the best way to spend a Saturday!🌞
    I’m gonna have my fingers crossed the whole of tonight 🙏

  15. It’s got to be Paolo Nutini! His voice is something I have to experience in person. I might hyperventilate when he performs Iron Sky. These tickets would be incredible to win!

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