What a way to spend 1 May, Workers Day, other than tasting sweet tastes at Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival?


On the 1st of May 2015, Johannesburg will see the second installment of DIRTY ROTTEN TEQUILA FESTIVAL. DIRTY ROTTEN TEQUILA FESTIVAL is the premium tequila festival in South Africa, featuring more than 20 tequila brands. DIRTY ROTTEN TEQUILA FEST is sure to bring all your friends together with a shot (or two), because everyone knows that nothing brings new and old friends together like sharing a #TequilaFace.
At DIRTY ROTTEN TEQUILA FESTIVAL, you will be able to sample over 20 different tequila’s by 8 different brands from all over the world. There will also be shooter games, a rodeo bull and a #TequilaFace photo booth to add to the entertainment.
Nothing goes better with a shot of tequila than some dirty rock music – which is why the Dirty Rock Stage will feature artists like Blazin Gooch, Coelacanth, Full Swing Band, Go Barefoot, New Academics, Sol Gems, The Black Cat Bones and The Ts & Cs. Line up times still to be confirmed.
If tequila makes you want to dance, there will also be a Let’s Swing It Dance Floor featuring Plaat Japie, The Stage Pig, Michael Lesar’s 3 hour set, featuring Greg Georgiades on ukulele and a live burlesque performance by Miss Oh.

Do you have a Tequila Face?

R100 – EARLY BIRD TICKETS (limited)
R150 – Online and at the gate (limited) Tickets available here -> https://carfax.nutickets.co.za/DRTF

The awesome folks at Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival have given me some tickets to share with you, like tequila should be shared 😀
How to win some of these tickets? Comment below with who you’re looking forward to see performing play at Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival. Simple!





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