I’ve been real fortunate to watch this band perform and grow over the years. Not only are they truly talented, they really are some of the nicest gentlemen you will meet! So when the news broke they will be doing a little tour internationally I could not help but let out a happy smile!



Mi Casa have a total of 14 confirmed tour dates that spans over Europe, North America and Canada.

After taking control of their brand and announcing their new company 34 Music, Mi Casa embark on a new journey to their international tour. Mi Casa will be travelling to Europe, North America and Canada during the month of July and August 2015. The European leg kicks off in London and they will be making their way through to Holland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The second leg of their tour will be in North America & Canada where they will be performing in New York City, San Francisco and Toronto.

So if you find yourself in one of the below countries, or have family & friends in the vicinity, be sure to have them go and check the guys out whilst they’re on tour. Share the love..

micasa tour dates

Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram timelines for what they not only have planned for this tour, but follow them as they embark on this incredible journey.



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