Oppikoppi 19 – BEWILDERBEAST

In 2009 I was Smoorverlief, 2010 I saw some Sexy.Crooked.Teeth, 2011 saw me meeting an Unknown Brother, last year saw such a Sweet Thing

And 2013 is the year of the BEWILDERBEAST1005066_534234599945360_420357687_n

Every year we go through the same thing, the excitement builds, the anticipation of seeing some great acts on one stage, THE dust, about 20k+ folks taking over the city of Northam!

It is Oppikoppi 2013 time in 14 days folks, FOURTEEN DAYS!!!!!!

Yes I am terribly excited by the amount of !!! above.

This year Oppikoppi takes place from the 8th of August till the 10th of august, that is 3 days of the best local music to offer, with a  few international acts to boot. The theme for this year is BEWILDERBEAST. “Bewilderbeast was inspired by the name of an absolutely classic album by Badly Drawn Boy. (“The hour of the Bewilderbeast”: look it up, buy it, repeat it and love it. If you like tunes, this album has to be in your collection.). ”

And every year, as is the case this year again, there are folks who ask “why is this act playing?” or “why isn’t this act playing?” <- this is not limited to the general public, there are bands who ask the same questions re:Koppi.

Seeing these comments and questions sparked a debate in my head, if you know me you will know there are enough voices to hold down such a debate 😀

I then wondered what it takes to actually decide on a line-up, the likes that we see at Koppi, or any festival/event for that matter and two things came to my mind.

Relevance and Significance. Are some of these acts meeting the criteria that Koppi has set out? How does this all work?

I then posed this question to some folks who, in my opinion, work damn hard to bring us these events & whose work ethos is high up there and they are the ones running around spending long hours, days, weeks, months making all these events we are SO fortunate enough to see, happen!

This was what they had to say..

“In my view, a significant act is an artist who has shaped and moulded a genre or specific musical style that has influenced many, if not all, of the upcoming and new acts today. Bringing artists such as Metallica, Deftones, Skunk Anansie and the Kings Of Chaos tour to SA is hugely significant to everyone as it shows the professionalism and drive that these bands have to carry on even though they have reached the top of their game already. Relevant acts are those that could be very popular at a certain time in a genre’s lifespan but might lack the longevity to carry on for 20 or 30 years. I believe that the two factors go hand in hand with each other and an act can’t be significant without first being relevant to a market.” – Pocock, Mike
“Some people are confused on the true meaning of word “Relevant”. One DJ/Blogger complained that RHCP and Metallica were not relevant and even though he did not like Lady Gaga, she was. Just because a band has been around for a while does not mean they are not relevant – if they released a record less than 2 years ago and still tour – They are relevant. Someone like The Police are not relevant.” – Cool, Gary
“An act is relevant when it is current, so when a band successfully releases an album, there are new singles on radio and they are playing major international festivals, success in this department is hard to capture for South Africa as the acts are generally expensive with incredibly busy touring schedules, but the most relevant of late would be Awolnation, Alt-J and Two Door Cinema Club for me. That’s without looking at Big Concerts or more commercial acts.
Significant on the other hand is easier, but open to interpretation – so genre defining acts with a strong underground following and/or multiple past successful albums. Travelling significant acts to South Africa is generally more accessible as genres and personal tastes differ and their touring schedules aren’t quite as heavy. Personally for me the best would be Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deftones, Eagles of Death Metal and Prodigy. I don’t listen to metal and punk rock so I’m sure others would find more relevance in other acts.” – Zietsman, Maryke
“All acts are mostly relevant and significant.
Most of the acts that bring come out of voting polls from the fans themselves.
Other times it is due to album releases and touring routes.” – Lee, Marcelle
“An act is relevant if they have had some sort of a track history in the SA market, and have a fan base and some people would appreciate watching them live.
An act is Significant if they have changed the course of a majority of people’s lives in some sort of way…i.e.: most people love them – a Super group of some sort. Of course, some acts can be massively significant to one person and hugely relevant to another, but not vice versa.” – Olivier, Joanne

**please note names have been changed to protect the innocent – Ed

As can be seen from the above, there has to be a balance. And I believe Koppi meets this quite well. Think of it, they manage to get 100 plus local acts + Internationals together for a whole weekend entertaining thousand, and at a damn good price!

This train of thought then had be pose a few questions to Misha from Oppikoppi  to get some clarity on “How it all works?” and what it takes to put together a festival of this magnitude, this is what he had to say..

How are the acts that are booked for Koppi decided?

We look at the votes, opinions in the office, and opinions of friends in the industry and try and get a nice mix of headliners, and young new talent.

On this, what criteria does an act have to meet to be a definite on the Koppi line-up?

We must like the music.  First and foremost.

Then it helps to have the package, strategy, buzz, and a good agent/manager, someone that can push you and sell you to promoters.  But without the tunes none of that helps.

Who exactly picks the line-up for Koppi? 

We have the artist department, but we value opinions of anyone in the office who likes music.  The extended family is also involved in the process and have strong opinions.  All in all there are many years of loving tunes forming the back-bone of the OK crew.

A few local acts feel they “deserve” a slot on a Koppi stage as they have been in the industry “for years” what can they and any upcoming act do to ensure that the Koppi team will notice them and even consider them, if not for a slot at Koppi, maybe another Hilltop Live event?

It has a lot to do with the buzz around an act.  There are acts that have been around a long time but never really had a buzz about them.  They are harder to book.  But it is a funny industry ’cause it sometimes works the other way around as well.  An act can be great at generating buzz but have empty shows – that happens now and again.  Years ago a Dutch promoter friend told me that an artist is worth the amount of tickets at their last show and that kind of stuck.  The best advice I think is that an artist should work to have a successful career, not a set at a festival. The set will come if the rest is right.

When picking an international act, most people do not know the hard work that goes into locking down the deal; can you give us brief of what it takes time frames, possible cost involved and general breakdown to secure an International Act for Koppi?

There are two of us who work on this. It is all about timing in the end. The dates and the money must work. Often these are conversations that span over a few years, looking at different shows/periods until the right one sticks.  We go through a very long list of possible acts before we finally get something that works.  We are fortunate to have very good relationships with many agents and a lot of big international acts are now starting to ask to play the festival.  But yes, it is hard work, loads of hours, loads of money and ton of good luck that makes this work.

How does the Koppi team ensure they reach the diverse market out there?

We listen to our fans as much as possible.  People don’t think those voting polls count but they do. And we have a bunch of friends in and out of the industry whose opinions we value and who always puts us onto the next hot act they come across.

What is the weirdest submission from an act Koppi has received to get on the line-up?

In the old days we used to get some interesting packages but these days it is all online.  Had some weird, distinctly non-Oppikoppi acts try their luck though – people that perform under their name, like Frikkie.

If we look at the history of Koppi, it definitely has grown from strength to strength, what else can fans expect in the years to come?

We are constantly looking at creating experiences and moments that will make the show memorable.  There are lots of lists of tricks we are working on and defining in the back end.  It is about the whole experience and not just the music on stage, although that is what brings everyone together.  In the end it is about having fun.  We believe that if we are having fun we are halfway there and on the right track.  So far so good.

Next year the festival is also 20 years old, which is almost unbelievable – the fact that we actually survived 20 years of hedonism – so we are planning some really nice things for that birthday party.

Hopefully this answers all this burning questions you have and gives you an insight into what it takes to bring you all these acts to one farm! And what you as an act can do to make ensure they notice you/your band!

So just a reminder:

Oppikoppi 8,9,10 Aug 2013 Gates open from the 6th. Brief survival kit: The days are hot, nights are cold. bring clothes to match this. it can be very cold. water. pain killers. anti-histamine. antacid. sunblock. a hat or two. a bandanna for the dust. wet wipes, you can never have enough, if you think you do, get 100 more.  plastic water bottle/s to decant your booze. no glass allowed in festival arena. they serve tons of festival food, burgers/chip&dip etc. if you like, bring fruit that can keep for days, oranges/bananas. this is to eat around your camp site when you do not wanna walk to the arena to eat.  the above generally allows me to survive all that Koppi brings!

There are still tickets available at here: Koppi tickets and be sure to keep following Oppikoppi on Facebook and the Twitter.

You never know what you can win!!

To get yourself prepared for the incredible acts, check out the Oppikoppi – Bewilderbeast 2013 album. Available now on iTunes!

See you all in the dust, soon…!


MK Awards 2013

This year sees the 7th annual MK Awards taking place featuring the BEST of what SA has to offer in 10 categories.

MK Awards logo

The event will be held this year once again at The State Theatre in Pretoria on 24 March 2013.

Once again, MK has done a new introduction with the introduction of “Best SA Music Festival” and “Best Solo” categories. These categories allowed for YOU the fan of the music to vote for your favourite act in these respective categories. The artists and festival who came out with the most nominations by 25 January were included as official nominees.

So good to see they are trying to make things different every year, I remember announcing the “Best Indie” and “Best Dance” categories for last year’s awards like it was yesterday 🙂

Now that the full list of MK Awards 2013 nominees have been announced, viewers will have between 1 February and 8 March 2013, to vote on MK’s website and Facebook page.

The nominees for 2013 are:

Best Video

Die Heuwels Fantasties – Verraadplaas
Tailor – Wolf
The Frown – The National
The Parlotones – Honey Spiders
Van Coke Kartel – Tot Die Son Uitkom
Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Best Newcomer

Gangs of Ballet – Hello Sweet World
Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine
Spoegwolf – Lenie Blou
Tailor – Wolf
Toya DeLazy – Pump It On
Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light

Best Group

Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire
ISO – Destiny
The Plastics – Stereo Kids
Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land
Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame You

Best Rock

Jack Parow ft. Francois van Coke – Hard Partytjie Hou
Taxi Violence – Unholy
Van Coke Kartel – Dis ‘n Land
Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light
Zebra & Giraffe – I’ll Blame you

Best SFX/Animation

Absinthe – Love Will Tear US Apart
Haezer ft. Lark – Brave
Mr Sakitumi – Jungle Jimmy
The Frown – The National
The Parlotones – Honey Spiders

Best Indie

Ashtray Electric – Bittersweet Manipulator
Black Handed Kites – Up
Mug-Shot – Bare Bones
Shortstraw – One Long Day
The Plastics – Stereo Kids

Best Dance

Die Antwoord – Baby Is On Fire
Double Adapter – Eat You Alive
Goodluck – Harlem
Johnny Neon – Hearts
Pascal & Pearce – Disco Sun

Best Solo

Bouwer Bosch ft. Jaco van der Merwe – (K)anker
ChianoSky – Sick Sick Sick
Jeremy Loops – Howling
Shotgun Tori – Sweet Weather
Toya DeLazy – Love Is In The Air

Best Live Act

Gangs of Ballet
Jeremy Loops
The Black Cat Bones
Van Coke Kartel

Best SA Music Festival

Oppikoppi 2012
RAMfest 2012
Rocking The Daisies 2012
Synergy 2012
Up The Creek 2012

Voting has officially begun, and will end at 12:00 on 8 March 2013.

To get voting, head over to:

For exclusive updates on the MK Awards 2013, be sure to follow MK on twitter as well as Facebook below:

Twitter: @mktv_ #MKAwards
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mktv.co.za

I know who I will be voting for, make sure you get your vote for your favourite act in.

See you at the awards!

The Campus Invasion Tour takes over SA, chilled by Smirnoff Ice and powered by Red Bull Mobile.

Smirnoff Ice and Red Bull Mobile in association with MK, Axe,Ticketbreak and Hilltop Live present the 2013 Campus Invasion Tour in the vicinity of seven national university campuses from 28 January to 16 February 2013 with an assorted mix of the best bands and DJs.

campus invasion

The 2013 Campus Invasion Tour prepares students for campus party life and provides an escape from the ordinary, including performances by Jack Parow, Zinkplaat, Toya Delazy, Van Coke Kartel, Pascal & Pearce and many more.Expect a varied line-up at each event tailor-made to suit all tastes at the hippest and hottest off-campus student venues.

Presale tickets can be purchased from www.ticketbreak.co.za. Red Bull Mobile is also offering FREE TICKETS for Red Bull MOBILE customers on m.redbullmobile.co.za.

Be sure to LIKE the Campus Invasion Tour on Facebook here, be on the lookout for great giveaways.  Also listen to Kovsie FM – 97.0, MFM – 92.6, Tuks FM – 107.2, PUK FM – 93.6, 5FM and Yfm for more chances to win.

The full 2013 Campus Invasion Tour details below:

Date: 28 January 2013
Venue: Bourbon Street, ABSA Centre, 94 Steve Biko Street, Die Bult
Time:  18:00
Tickets: R40 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Line-up: Jack Parow, Ryno Velvet and Zinkplaat.

Date: 30 January 2013
Venue: Barba's Cafe, 16 Second Avenue, Westdene
Time: 18:00
Tickets: R30 at www.ticketbreak.co.za - RSVP Here
Line-up: Toya Delazy and Rob Forbes.

Date: 1 February 2013
Venue: Klein Libertas Theatre, Bergzicht Plaza, Du Toit Street
Time: 17:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R60 at www.ticketbreak.co.za RSVP here
Gates Tickets: R70
Line-up: Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Sons of Settlers, Pascal & Pearce and Spoegwolf.

Cape Town
Date: 8 February 2013
Venue: Greenmarket Square
Time: 17:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R70 at www.ticketbreak.co.za RSVP here
Gates Tickets: R80
Line-up: Mi Casa, Toya Delazy and Pascal & Pearce.

Hatfield, Pretoria
Date: 9 February 2013
Venue: Hatfield Carnival, Hatfield Square Precinct, Burnett Street
Time: 12:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R50 at www.ticketbreak.co.za RSVP here
Gates Tickets: R60
Line-up: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow, Ross Jack, Shadowclub, Southern Gypsey Queen, Toya Delazy, Winterstasie, Newton's 2nd Law, Mi Casa, Pascal & Pearce and more.

Date: 15 February 2013
Venue: Prime Club, 63 New Street
Time 18:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R80 at www.ticketbreak.co.za RSVP here
Gates Tickets: R100
Line-up: DJ Fresh and DJ Vigi

Newtown, Johannesburg
Date: 16 February 2013
Venue: JoziFest, Town Hall & surrounds, Newtown Cultural Precinct
Time: 12:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R80 at www.ticketbreak.co.za RSVP here
Gates Tickets: R100
Line-up: Taxi Violence, The Black Cat Bones, ISO, Southern Gypsey Queen, Goodnight Wembley, Shadowclub, King Rat, Reepa, Liver, Twelv & Thesis, Ross Jack and more.


These Events are Only Open to Persons Over the Age of 18 years. Drink Responsibly.


oppiʞoppi – SWEET\THING – line up 26-06-2012

It’s almost that time of the year!

Sun. Fun. Dust. Dance.

9, 10, 11 August. Come show off your SWEET\THING with 18000 + other folks!

Okay, so I have managed to put together an updated* list of the Oppiʞoppi artists confirmed thus far.

This will be updated as the Oppiʞoppi team announces more acts.

Southern Gypsy Queen
Kate Borthwick
Taxi Violence
Terrence Pearce
Kid Fonque
Das Kapital
Mix n Blend
Floyd Lavine Music
Big Space
Rude One
Veranda Panda
Twelv & Thesis
Mr Sakitumi
Josie Field
Peachy Keen
Knorkator (berlin)
Gevoel van Veiligheid
The Stella's
The Frown
Brendon Shields
Valiant Swart
Joshua Grierson
The Buckfever
Toby2shoes (balkanology)
DJ Danger Ingozi (balkanology)
Babaganoush (balkanology)
Ma'original (balkanology)
Hopa Banda (balkanology)
Blk Jks
Desmond & The Tutus
Die See
The Muffinz
The Brother Move On
Matthew Van Der Want
Fruits and Veggies
Bombay Show Pig (netherlands)
Enter Shikari (united kingdom)
Flash Republic
King SkaSA - Dub Saved My Life
Tattoo Level 9
Molécule (france)
The Gravity Regulators ( mozambique) feat. Levi Pon The Mic
Dub Rui
Thierry Arnold (france)
Albert Frost feat. Livy Jean (canada)
Fridge Poetry
Diplo (usa)
Kongos ( local internationals? :P )
Tribal Echo Band
Newtown Knife Gang
The Sunday Punchers
Babylon Circus (france)
Pascal & Pearce
Nakane Toure
The Anti Retro Vinyls
Eagles Of Death Metal (usa)
Sibot + Toyota Cressida
Janie Bay + the Beard
Shotgun Tori
Jeremy Loops
Bullet For My Valentine (wales)
Lonehill Estate
Black Handed Kites
Planet Joy
The Kiffness
Baskerville (netherlands)
The Graeme Watkins Project
Lilly Million
Gert Vlok Nel
Dance,You're On Fire
Toya Delazy
Catlike Thieves
The Black Cat Bones
Jack Parow

*line-up subject to change without notice