Looking back at Jose Cuervo and his #Cuervolucion

Incredible local acts, some really rad Internationals, signed guitars and a few shots & ice-cold slushies’ in between, the Jose Cuervo Cuervolucion is definitely what has made the last few weeks the best fun around!



We’re talking, Desmond and the Tutus, Al Bairre, Jeremy Loops, the December Streets and headliners Bombay Bicycle Club all on one stage at Sounds Wild Festival. This definitely made for a wonderful Friday afternoon out. There is something special about seeing our local artists keeping a crowd just as, if not more, entertained than the headliner.

Bombay Bicycle Club also turned the night into something special, fuelled by a shot or two of Cuervo, I’d say! 😀

The Lumineers also made their first adventure to our country recently, and Jose Cuervo was there to celebrate the Cuervolucion!
Emmerentia Dam was the setting; with opening acts by Dear Reader and Majozi.

Dear Reader has and will always be a favourite of mine, I found that the stage seemed to somewhat take away from their performance. Despite this I still found myself totally engrossed by the lyrics that Cheri shares with so much passion, every single time! Majozi was also a favourite on the day; I think they may have added more followers to their ever growing fan base.

In between all the incredible local talent, Jose Cuervo kept the #Cuervolucion alive. Fans braced the warm summer sun to indulge in shot skis and slushies’ to keep cool.

At one point even a #Cuervolucion battle between the two decks.

The Lumineers almost immediately had the crowd on their feet when taking stage! I loved the fact that Wesley commanded the crowd to ditch their phones during ‘Ho! Hey!’ to appreciate their performance instead. Once into the tune everyone sang along with great passion!

At one stage they even missioned into the crowd to jam. 

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The Lumineers in the crowd

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This definitely added to the mood already set throughout the day; a nice little extra which made for a memorable day out.
Check out some of my favourite snaps… 


All in all, Jose Cuervo’s “little” Cuervolucion he started, has definitely been an incredible hit. Best served ice cold!



Sounds Wild Festival

The wonderful folks at Parklife broke the news broke in September. And, in 3 weeks time we get to see them live!

Bombay Bicycle Club headline SOUNDS WILD

SOUNDS WILD have included an awesome local lineup as well to make it quite a great day out!

Jeremy Loops, Desmond and The Tutus, my boys Shortstraw, Al Bairre and The December Streets all on one stage!

When: 28 November 2014
Where: Marks Park, Emmerentia
Tickets available here from Nutickets.

Gates open at 1PM.

My friends over at Jose Cuervo will be also be representing at SOUNDS WILD Festival!

Keep an eye on the Sounds Wild Facebook and Twitter feeds for more new and giveawys!

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